Recalibrate FM EP04 — ‘Pokeopoly Edition’

Image Courtesy of Pokedex Radio

Image Courtesy of Pokedex Radio

With only The Sims 4 releasing this week, the Recalibrate crew doesn’t have much else to discuss except a few titles that came out in August already like Don’t Starve PS4/Vita, Mario Kart 8, Warframe and we anticipate the release of Destiny. Still, we find time to discuss a lot of the news that went on throughout the week.

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Recalibrate FM EP04

Game & TechCast EP06 — 07/04/14


This week the gang gush about PayDay2, which was recently on sale, as well as discuss gender roles in our video games. Also, Vishal doesn’t wear pants but wants you to watch fighting game tournaments and Matt is with us in spirit.

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